Ricotta-Group-1Losurdo’s® Ricotta

Losurdo® Ricotta is your wisest choice when only the best will do. It is creamy white and absolutely delicious, with a delicate flavor you’ll appreciate. When you’re preparing authentic Italian cuisine, Losurdo® Whole Milk Ricotta or Whole Milk Ricotta Impastata will surely make a difference. Losurdo Ricotta is consistently excellent: the result of time tested family recipes perfected over the past fifty five years. No one can quite match the authentic quality and flavor that Losurdo Ricotta can give you. It’s the only way to guarantee that authentic Italian flavor. Remember, when quality counts, you can count on Losurdo Foods Inc. – Cheese makers to the industry for over fifty five years. Ask about our private label programs, we’d be happy to help.

Losurdo’s® Bel Capri® Whole Milk Ricotta

Our Ricotta is made fresh daily. It’s a creamy, white, and soft cheese with a delicate flavor. Its taste and texture make it the perfect choice for any of your menu applications. Our Bel Capri® Ricotta is also available in a Part Skim variety.
Available in: 3 lb. tubs, 5 lb. tubs and 30 lb. bags.

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Losurdo’s® Chicago Style Ricotta

Our Original Chicago Style (Ricotta Cheese) is a soft, whey based cheese. It has higher moisture and lower fat content, as well as a coarser texture when compared to our Whole Milk Ricotta.

Available in: 3 lb. and 5 lb. tubs.

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Losurdo’s® Bel Capri® Impastata

Our Whole Milk Ricotta Impastata is a firmer and drier Ricotta that is specially formulated with higher butter fat and lower moisture content. It has a super fine creamy texture and a delicate flavor. Our Impastata is perfect for use in a wide variety of applications. It can be used to make cannoli cream or ricotta cheese cake, as well as a filling for many stuffed pasta dishes such as manicotti, stuffed shells, and ravioli. (We offer 2 varieties of our Impastata; 65% can be used as a pasta and pastry filling and 62% is ideal for dessert applications.)

Available in: 5 lb. tubs, 10 lb. bags and 30 lb. bags.

65% Moisture Product Specifications.


Losurdo’s® Bel Capri® Ricottone (C-Blend)

Our Ricottone has the texture and flavor that you can expect from an authentic old world recipe. It has a curdier texture than traditional Ricotta and is perfect for use in many Italian menu applications.

Available in: 30 lb. bags.

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