Mozzarella Curd

Losurdo Foods Inc.’s premium Curd is made fresh daily from local Grade A cow’s milk. This fresh milk arrives by the tanker load and is pasteurized before it is put through the delicate curd making process.

We keep our Curd making process very traditional, the way it was originally intended, just as it was done back in the Capri Region of Italy many years ago. Losurdo’s® Bel Capri® White Velvet Curd is used to make all of our Fresh Mozzarella products and is also available for direct purchase for making your own Fresh Mozzarella. Our traditional style Curd will allow the individual cheese maker to easily stretch out and create a beautifully hand crafted Fresh Mozzarella with a wonderfully creamy taste and tender texture that will produce consistent results and make all the difference when served. The culinary applications are endless. Your Fresh Mozzarella can be used in many ways ranging from Caprese Salads and panini to baked ziti and margherita pizza to name a few.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are looking to make. Whether you are making your own Ciliegine, Bocconcini, Logs or Braids, Losurdo’s® Bel Capri® White Velvet Curd will always provide you with a buttery and smooth tasting Fresh Mozzarella product. Our quality and consistency will let you know why Losurdo Foods Inc. is “America’s Leading Italian Food Specialist” and cheese maker to the industry for over 55 years.


Losurdo’s® Bel Capri® White Velvet Mozzarella Curd

Our White Velvet Mozzarella Curd is a semi-soft to slightly firm whole milk curd. This product is used for reprocessing to make Fresh Mozzarella.

Available in: 11 lb. bags, 22.5 lb. bags, or 45 lb. bags split.

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curd-box-3Losurdo’s® Bel Capri® String Curd

This String Curd is a semi-soft to slightly firm whole milk curd. It is used for reprocessing to make String Cheese.

Available in: 22.5 lb. bags or 45 lb. bags.

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NUOVISSIMA CURD BOXLosurdo’s® Nuovissima Curd

Nuovissima Curd is a semi-soft, slightly firm Whole Milk Curd. This Curd is specially developed for making hand crafted  Mozzarella.

Available in: 2 / 20lb. bags

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