Thawing Frozen Dough and Preparing Pizza

1The dough comes frozen and individually bagged.

The bags should always remain folded shut to prevent the dough from drying out.

2*Dough has a 6 Month shelf life from when it is made and kept frozen.



Place 12 dough balls on each pan. Make sure the open end of the bags are folded under each dough ball.

*Dough takes 2 days to thaw under refrigeration.



Spray white proofing box in 6 spots with non-stick spray and place 6 dough balls in each box.

The proofing boxes interlock one on top of the other to keep the dough covered. One lid is needed for the top box to prevent the dough from drying out.

*Dough should be out at room temperature for maximum of 4 hours.

*Dough has 5 day shelf life in Proofing Boxes.


Proofed dough is twice as big as frozen dough.

Dough must be proofed to make a good pizza.

Dough should be near room temperature when making pizza.

Unproofed or cold dough is difficult to stretch and will become dense and have a lot of bubbles when cooked.


7Sprinkle enough flour over the dough so it is not sticky


8Form the outer crust by coming in one inch and indenting the dough with your fingers.


9Flatten the center using your fingers.

Do not push the dough or make holes with your finger nails.

Do not flatten the one inch outer crust.


10Pick the dough up off the table; without flattening the outer crust.

Shuffle the dough from hand to hand; like turning a car’s steering wheel


11Dough should be stretched to the size of the screen.

Place dough onto the screen. (DO NOT press the dough down into the screen.)

Gently pull dough to the edge of screen.


12Place one ladle of mixed pizza sauce into the center of the dough.

Spread to the outer edge of the pizza. Make sure to leave a 1/2″ off the edge uncovered.


13Sprinkle with Grated Cheese and Oregano; making sure to cover the outer edge first, then working toward the center of the pie.